Wednesday, August 24, 2022


 I feel like I'm playing a broken record. The so called party of the middle class is once again sticking it to the middle class. Why does Joe Biden believe I should pay for someone else's student loans. Paying taxes is bad enough when it is funding legitimate government responsibilities but it is truly obnoxious when they take money out of my pocket and put it directly into someone else's pocket. The real problem is backing student loans for classes that have no chance of creating an income that will be able to payoff the loans in a reasonable time frame.

So if Biden wants to push an executive order make it no loan backing out side of STEM studies. STEM studies almost always lead to jobs capable of paying off student loans. As for the dead beats that had no problem taking out a loan and letting it grow into arrears let their social security statement reflect their debt.


  1. I wish I had heard these objections when tax breaks for rich folks were instituted or when the loan forgiveness program for businesses included churches and church schools to the tune of millions of dollars.

    There are a lot of issues with the cost of college and the loans used to pay for them, and this limited loan forgiveness program doesn't address those at all. Maybe now we can fix some of the other problems.

    1. I'm not sure which program you are referring to in relation churches and church school loans. I've always been against business loan forgiveness if a business can't pay it's debts and operate profitably it should fold up shop.Many of the problems with costs with higher education or health care comes from government involvement. These things can only sell a product that people can afford when the government gets involved the sky is the limit because there is no end to government largess when there are votes to be bought

    2. I'm referring to the PPP (Payroll Protection Program). You can check here to see who near you got loan forgiveness:

  2. The ppp wasn't a bail-out it was restitution for government foolishness. Without government shut downs and fear mongering by the media there would have been no need for the ppp. Given it was totally mismanaged and largely wasted and subject to fraud but what do you expect from the government.