Saturday, December 28, 2013


The federal government Has put an end to the extended benefits the long term unemployed receive.  Most states issue unemployment benefits for 26 weeks any extension beyond those weeks was picked up by the federal government. While the timing is not the best being around the Christmas holiday I can only say it's about time. I know it makes me sound cruel but the truth is people need a deadline as incentive to find work.. This is true because many of the unemployed are going to need to find work in different fields and change is hard and probably financially painful. The other reason that more than 26 weeks of unemployment are detrimental is the damage it does to the recipients. People who are off for this long tend to have work skills that are severely diminished. I also believe the financial pain is more than made up for by pride that comes from actually earning a living instead of just drawing a check. Self confidence and self respect are the biggest casualties of losing a job and unemployment benefits can do nothing about either confidence or respect.