Sunday, August 15, 2021

Racial disparity

 The Nord foundation in Lorain county did a commission to study racial disparity in the county. The foundation that does much charitable work to try to improve the lives people in Lorain county and the surrounding area was dismayed at the the growing disparity. 

Some numbers Latinos are 300 percent and blacks 400 percent more likely to live in poverty than whites.

White people average 175 % more than latinos and 200% more than blacks

housing 59% of blacks rent, 24% of whites rent, and 20% of latinos rent.

Life expectancy of 64.8 in a predominantly minority neighborhood and 80.2 in predominantly white neighborhood.

According to the article these gaps are growing, and while they don't suggest a cause or a solution it is implied that racism must be the cause.

The article and numbers are from Thursday's 8-12 edition of the Elyria Chronicle Telegram. 

While I have no doubt that the numbers are accurate I could tell you the cause without spending a huge amount of money on a study. If they weren't trying to sow racial discord they would have included the reason in the story. The three fastest growing cities in Lorain county are Avon, Avon Lake, and North Ridgeville largely because farm land is being turned in to very pricey homes. These three cities went from small rural communities to coming close to passing Elyria and Lorain to fading  industrial cities. It's pretty plain that adding huge numbers of wealthy people to an area  is going to make the poor look poorer.

The disparity that is not talked about is the disparity in children born out of wedlock. The numbers vary between studies in general 28% of white children are born out of wedlock as opposed to 72% black children. Which is a real problem single parenthood far more often leads to bad outcomes. It wasn't always this way before LBJ's so called great society black families were as likely if not more likely to be intact. There would be a far better outcome for minorities if we would quit telling them that the government can fix their lot in life. 

A good life is simple hammer this home in teaching children, A good life is simple do these things in order study hard, graduate high school, get a job, get married all before you have children.

Of course this is too simple for Democrats and robs them of control over the people they claim to be trying to help.