Sunday, October 7, 2018

Is it over

  Judge Kavanaugh is finally confirmed but is  it over. Some Democrats are vowing to reopen investigations if they take control after the mid terms. Lets hope not, maybe sanity can return the Supreme Court is not supposed to be political although both parties are pushing it that way. With Democrats leading the charge, first there was Bork, then there was Clarence Thomas not perfect choices but Attacked by the left for speculated beliefs on how they would vote not there qualifications. Harry Reed having a hard time pushing through judicial nominees really sent things into overdrive eliminating the filibuster. Once you start changing senate rules you take away all reason to compromise. I believe this was pivotal leading to the non vote on Garland. Why vote when a simple majority is all that is necessary to get your way. Protesting Kavanaugh and the shameless smear job that motivated the protests is not the way to rectify the situation. We need to press both parties to reinstate the normal rules of order in the senate and put at least a little decorum back into the senate. I believe this to be one of the keys to pushing politics back to the center.