Saturday, January 28, 2012


Reading the Cleveland Plain Dealer yesterday there was an article about unemployment. The article was talking about weather it is time to cut back unemployment compensation from 99 weeks to 79 or even 59 weeks.

A former factory owner Ken Rapaport is quoted "I want to work, benefits should exceed 99 weeks.My personal belief is that our government owes us everything that is possible as long as we demonstrate that we are actively looking for work." Rapaport is 60 years old and feels that is adding to the difficulty of finding a job.

The part that interested me was the statement that the government owes us something. What does the government truly owe us. The government surely owes us safe and secure borders. We're also owed streets, roads, and bridges that are safe to travel on. Maybe the biggest thing we are owed is a government that applies laws and justice in an equitable manner.

Am I missing something maybe but one thing is for sure the government doesn't owe me a free ride.


Sunday, January 1, 2012


Put aside the past
Reconcile, renew,rejoice
Happy New Years day