Sunday, November 25, 2012


Any one who knows anything about economics knows that gold is used as a hedge against a failing economy.

During the past several presidential elections one of the biggest supporters of the democratic party and President Obama has been George Soros the founder of a pac dedicated to electing  Dems.

Yesterday I saw a video promoting gold and the direction they are expecting for it gold currently trades around 1720. an ounce with projections for next year of 2000. plus. Many times on financial shows they will use prominent financier as indicators of trends. George Soros along with John Paulson were the people they used to demonstrate the strength of gold. Soros has increased his gold holdings by 49% and is still buying.

Makes me wonder if Soros is supporting the president for personnel gain because if the economy goes south gold will rise significantly. The one who are truly hurt during hard times are the lower middle class and the poor. The wealthy put themselves in a position where they can profit on the hard times.

I don't know Soros's intent but if someone who is in favor of Pres. Obama's policies is buying gold it is not a very good sign.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

It's over

Well the election is over, decisions have been made and we must now live with them. The question is how we will go forward. I've vacillated between disappointment and apathy. Disappointed in an electorate that fails to see the insustainability of the path we have been on. Apathy because I will probably get through it ok anyway but then I remember my children and grandchildren who eventually pay for all this.

This morning I was reading Julie at the Happy Catholic and she gave me something else to think about and maybe helped me put it in perspective. in her post from Wed. Nov.4  titled No one wants their first words of the morning to be Damn it. She remembers that she is a monarchist and what that means to her. For those of us who are Christians it helps to put things in perspective. Knowing we have a King as well as a president helps but I still wonder where we're going.