Sunday, April 24, 2011


Forty days of Lent
Are climaxed here today
Our risen Lord lives

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I've been awful busy lately or at least the days seem to have too few hours. Besides working 12 hour days and six days a week we got a new puppy after the disastrous Tillie affair. His name is Henry and he is a mini Dachshund. It's been a long time since we had a puppy and it's easy to forget how much more work puppies are compared to dogs. On top of the puppy the in-laws moved in a week ago for an indefinite stay. I'm glad we can help them out when they need a place to stay but it puts a strain on our privacy and routines.

So what does the above have to do with motivation. Well Henry and the in-laws were motivated by love but what of work. I like to think my motivation is solely dedication but I'm sure there is an element of wanting to acquire wealth. Now some might call this greed but I think greed is a desire to put accumulation of money ahead of all other concerns. Greed also has an element of envy and excessiveness involved.

So what has been driving advocates in Washington and states like Wisconsin and Ohio over the past couple of weeks. In Ohio and Wisconsin opponents of austerity measures have been calling out the Governors as being vengeful. They cite their rollbacks of public sector unions bargaining powers as payback for past political involvement. In Washington we hear much the same as Democrats decry attempts to cut certain funding as political payback. I won't deny that payback may have some roll but I think priorities are an equal partner in the cut backs. Many of the programs targeted have never been a priority for the Republicans but could be overlooked when the economy was humming along.