Saturday, October 31, 2009


A poem I remember from my youth. I don't know the author

Ruth and Johnny
side by side
went for an auto ride

John hit a bump
Ruth hit a tree
John kept going ruthlessly

Friday, October 30, 2009

Look both ways before crossing the street

Any of us who walked to school as youngsters know this rule,look both ways before crossing. I walked to school from the first day and this was drummed into my head.

Most of the summer and into the fall people have been debating health care reform. People are wary and for good reason our Representatives have consistently shown poor judgement failing to look for unintended consequences and overlooking true costs. This is a universal failing of both parties.

While we have been staring down the speeding train of health care reform we have forgotten to look the other way. Coming equally fast is the climate change legislation. As hard as it may be to believe this bill might even do more damage to our economy. I've posted earlier about our local problem of the cost of cfl's the new spiral light bulbs. At a time when businesses are trying to right their ships and put Americans back to work uncertainties are the last thing we need.

We need to let congress and the White House know that what our country needs most now is not new programs and new taxes but stability. Those with dollars to invest didn't get wealthy gambling. They need to know what direction the government is taking and the possible effects of their direction.

Health care opt out

I keep reading different accounts of the reform plans and questions people are asking. The latest scam to try to raise public approval is the opt out option for the public option.

The thinking goes people won't complain if they don't have to participate. The only problem is that you don't get to opt out of paying for this boondoggle.

So how stupid does the Democratic leadership think we their constituents are, evidently quite stupid. Because in effect they are asking us to pay for a product and receive nothing in return.

Here's a thought why doesn't congress stop trying to buy reelection with unconstitutional programs. Some people would say they are looking out for the public welfare. I would say if all they were interested in was the public good there would not be so much interest in polling data.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The end of civilization

The AP. has a story about a young girl and her homecoming dance. This 15 year old girl left the dance and was drinking outside when she was attacked. For more than 2 hours she was raped and beaten. She was left half naked by a picnic table, she is still in the hospital recovering.

This should be enough to make you think civilization is ending but it gets worse. More than two dozen people saw this heinous act and did nothing not even calling the police.

The world has always had demented evil people but there was a time where people would have tried to stop this outrage.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


In Norway a new law went in to effect this year. This law makes every one's income and tax records public knowledge. I would prefer to decide myself what is told about me or not.

Does a government have a right to disclose personal data?

Friday, October 23, 2009

How to act when in power

Last Thursday a House committee was meeting to discuss reforms for the mortgage industry. The Republicans let it be known that they planned to subpoena Bank of America for records concerning the Friends of Angelo's V.I.P. mortgage program. Dems Including Chris Dodd and Kent Conrad have been getting negative press for their connection to this program,they got sweetheart loans.

When the meeting was to start however the Dems were absent the Reps waited more than half an hour then were told the meeting was cancelled. In actuality the Dems met in a smaller room behind the main hearing room.

A republican aide video taped them leaving this meeting through a back door. This video interspersed with footage of the empty meeting room was placed on YouTube.

The majority Dems were not pleased so they changed the locks on the hearing room doors.

This is a fine example of how not to act when you're in power. Caught in the act of doing something the wrong way blame the other guy and retaliate.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Over controlling or out of control

During the Bush administration the left was quick to yell about fascism and coercion. Whether it was Natalie Maines Dixie Chix or the Patriot act. The media seemed to buy in to this with if not outrage at least sympathy.

Now that we have a new administration encouraging people to inform on people who are against the current health care reform or threatening insurance companies the outrage has stopped.

Most of these things are a non issue for me. However the latest deal where if the insurance industry wants to point out problems they see from their perspective with the health care reform congress threatens them with legislation just seems wrong.

This truly is an abuse of power.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


People are being foreclosed at the rate of 7 per minute according to ABC news. This is a sad situation for America and for these families.

The Obama administration has a portion of the stimulus bill setting a side billions of dollars to help banks make mortgage payments more affordable. One of the restrictions is that you must show income. ABC was decrying the policy because it rules out too many people. The majority of the foreclosures are happening to the unemployed.

I'll tell you my problem with the program. The government has no business taking money from one person to pay another persons mortgage. This is the same as rewarding irresponsibility at the cost to the responsible.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


No not the Canadian football league, the new style light bulb. We bought several last year with a coupon. The bulbs were still expensive but we figured why not try them. The light takes a little while to get to full strength and full strength is still inferior to the incandescent bulb. Plus there is the disposal problem, it isn't recommended to just toss them in the garbage,they are hazardous waste.

In Ohio the electric companies are giving away 2 bulbs to residential customers. The hope is this will reduce electric consumption. Only they aren't going to give them away they are going to add 60 cents a month to the bill for several years. The total cost for these free bulbs will end up being 21 dollars. Now they are spending 3.50 each for the bulbs the rest is packaging and distribution.

This is in reaction to a government mandate to reduce electric consumption by 25%. Just another example of government interference leading to inefficiency and waste.

2012 is coming when the incandescent bulb is to be banned in the U.S. better stock up now.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Odd survey results

Parade magazine did a survey on religion and spirituality in the U.S. It talks about the U.S. being founded on strong religious faith and how that is still basically true with 69% believing in God. Now here's the odd part the survey also said that 77% pray outside of religious services. Now either I read this wrong or 8% of Americans pray even though they don't believe in God.

More likely the article was edited wrong but I sure got a laugh out of it.

Friday, October 2, 2009


A recent post over at Zerays gazette John was talking about principles to live by. In the course of discussion debate arose over weather working for causes was worth while. I think this is really a defining issue separating liberal from conservative.

Liberals and conservatives look at causes differently. A liberal is much more likely to campaign to save the polar bears, or the planet or for any of a myriad of projects. Conservatives tend to see the world as being pretty good, and would like the status quo to continue. I know these are generalizations but look at this summer. People were talking about how angry and disruptive the conservative protesters were at townhall meetings. This was just people not thinking things out. The real reason people were talking about this is that it was so out of the norm. People are not used to conservatives protesting. However this was different than the normal liberal protest in that the protests were to prevent change not implement it.

I believe in a slower change one where people effect people one on one. Coaching youth sports, teaching Sunday school, etc. any where there is interaction between people we are changing the world.

How are you going to change the world?