Sunday, November 29, 2020

Trump and the New Orleans Saints

 Two years ago in the NFL playoffs the Saints had about 2minutes to go and were driving to kill the clock and score and put the game out of reach. Brees dropped back to pass and threw a strike to a receiver it should have been a first down at about the three yard line but the defensive back slammed the receiver off his feet before the ball could get there. Clearly this was pass interference a flag would be thrown and New Orleans could celebrate their upcoming trip to the Super Bowl. This didn't happen a flag was never thrown but play would not go away in fact people argued the legitimacy of the Rams trip to the Super Bowl for months the NFL finally made rule changes to try to prevent this from ever happening again.

Much like the Saints were done so is Trump but unlike the NFL our political leaders and press are just hoping that the people pointing out irregularities will just go away. This is not the way to get people together and back on the same page, maybe that's asking too much maybe we should just get people back in the same book. 

If things don't look right there is probably a reason for that.

1. Trump had 11 milliom more votes than last election.

2. Trump increased his percentage of both Black and Latino votes.

3.Trump won a higher percentage of counties than 2016, 83%.

4.Trump won Ohio,Iowa, and Florida only one other time since 1852 has this happened and a candidate lost, Nixon in 1960 and there were shenanigans in Illinois that year.

The list goes on and on, if things don't add up we probably got the wrong answer. It doesn't mean Biden isn't president but it sure means we should figure out what happened. We've all seen the press when it suits them act like a dog with a bone with a story.  Of course the press has been shooting for the outcome they got for 4 years so why should they care.

If the press isn't careful the will prove Trump right, a press that tries to cause the story and not just cover it is the enemy of the people.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

What does it mean

 What does it mean for our country and democracy in general when people can't believe election results. The news media tells us that there is no large scale election fraud, but they have ruined there reputation with blatant bias. They might as well have been wearing Biden for president buttons through much of the campaign. Now I get it Trump is an easy one to dislike maybe even hate but journalistic integrity used to mean something. If journalism has no integrity people turn to other sources. Back when George W Bush was running Dan Rather faked a news story we never would have known if not for an internet investigator. the media didn't get the message ratings fall, newspapers fold but still they would prefer to put there thumb on the scale instead of investigating even handedly. 

People are not stupid they can see when the news casts everything negatively for one candidate and will barely look at the other guys shortcomings. Weather you like Biden or not the whole Hunter Biden thing should have been investigated and been put out for general consumption. Instead of hiding voting irregularities (173,000 votes almost exclusively cast for Biden with no registration in Michigan,poll watchers pushed so far back they aren't watching anything) if they were treated as legitimate news people could at least say they aren't just sweeping it under the rug.

I know it sounds like right wing grumbling. So I'll close with this a Rasmussen poll mid November says that 30 percent of Democrats believe that the election was stolen from Trump. It;'s a shame that people are in such a hurry to coronate Biden when even 30 percent of the winning side doesn't believe we had a fair election.

Sunday, November 15, 2020


 Safety is a goal we all shoot for ourselves and families. Governmental safety in a free society is a no win situation. Throughout the past year government, churches, schools, and businesses to varying degrees have been working at trying to achieve the impossible. They are trying to provide absolute safety, and failing miserably. 

 Why are they failing and do we want them to succeed. Failure comes for a variety of reasons, incomplete information ,half measures,stubbornness , and ignorance. Even with the measures implemented we've seen massive amounts of side effects, increased homelessness, people with insufficient food, suicides, overdoses, and businesses destroyed. What was achieved nothing except a bunch of politicians get to tell us how hard they are working to keep us safe, chasing the impossible. Because the only way to achieve absolute safety is to give up our free society and allow them to impose draconian lock downs. Not what we have been seeing in some parts of the country, no exceptions, no excuse everyone at home 2-3 weeks .Even with that scenario people would die. Because only we can decide how safe we are going to be we can't keep Darwin Award winners safe.

Safety at all costs or freedom at all costs if I have to choose I want to be closer to freedom.

Sunday, November 8, 2020

Sad day in America

 I might ramble a little bit here. I'm not sad because of the election at least not directly.  Watching the news and seeing the huge crowds of people screaming and shouting because the major news outlets declared Joe Biden had won the presidency. This is the sign of a sick society, politics while important is not cause for dancing in the streets. Many of these celebrants will no longer talk to parents and other family members who differ with them politically. Do they now put more faith in government,maybe I don't know maybe their just immature what I do know is that that is sad state of affairs. 

Strange how in the past we would see celebrations not in the streets with hundreds if not thousands but in a ballroom or campaign headquarters with the candidate and his closest supporters. These were celebrations of a hard fought campaign that was finally over, sometimes just being done campaigning win or lose was reason enough to celebrate. Now I know that somebody somewhere must like maybe even love Joe Biden but that is not what we saw in these street celebrations the signs were Dump Trump and various other ugly statements. This is not very promising for a so called return to normalcy and unity, Joe rode the ugliness to victory but I doubt he can rein it in.

The covid plague is a huge reason why Trump lost. Nobody planted it to oust Trump but it was a huge part of Biden's campaign rhetoric, how he could control the plague. Yesterday we saw why that was a whole lot of nonsense supposedly Trump led his followers to disregard safety protocols and that was the problem. We saw again why this was BS because the left doesn't want to follow protocols either. Just like the so called protests ( riots) this summer you didn't see a whole lot of masks in these giant gatherings. You see when Trump held rallies the first thing out of the news coverage was this was super spreader event not a word about the plague for riots or Biden events. You see the inconsistencies were not just Trumps they came from the Dems,health officials,and the news media as well.

Truly the biggest reason it is a sad day in America is we elected a president not on who he is or what he stands for but because he isn't Trump.