Sunday, March 16, 2014

Us vs, Them

Big government, Democrat or Republican we all at least say we don't like bigger and bigger government, we probably disagree on how big is too big. Being in favor of radical reduction in government size and scope, I see dangerous over reach and wasteful spending almost every time I read or see the news.

More disheartening than waste and over reach is what it does to our country. Big government creates and us versus them state of mind. Not just private vs. public but rich vs. poor,black vs. white,men vs women and so on . Big government uses groups to separate people divide and conquer. People no longer care about the good of the country when they are busy worrying about the welfare cheat or the overpaid ceo. Is it because we don't care about our country of course not but we are distracted. We are distracted from the fact that self serving politicians believe that remaining in power is their sole objective and once elected they are entitled to live off the people for life.

Join together, don't be distracted throw out the incumbents if you recognize the name vote for the other guy. The only way to get government to again work for the people and the good of the country is to let them know that government work is temporary and we not they are boss.