Monday, December 28, 2009

A nation divided

One of the biggest complaints about politics today is the inability of the two parties to work together. In fact this is partly what drove people to vote for Obama. During the campaign he often promised to bring the parties together in a more harmonious fashion.

Well the election is long behind us and so is the idea of a more civil debate over issues. This is not to lay it all on Obama. This problem has been long brewing, Bush also campaigned on being able to work with the opposition. We all know how that worked out.

This morning on the way to work I heard an interview with Mike Huckabee on the radio. This was not a political show but local radio guys Lanigan and Malone. They were reviewing Huckabee's new book a collection of Christmas memories. After talking about the book for a little while they asked the obligatory question of weather Huckabee was going to run for president again.

Following up they asked him why politics was so rancorous and what could be done about it. Huckabee had two suggestions for alleviating the discord first he would like term limits on congress. Secondly he would like to repeal the seventeenth amendment, this amendment changed the way we elect senators. Early on state legislatures appointed our senators as opposed to popular elections.

The reasoning behind term limits was to have congressmen voting in the countries best interests as opposed to just trying to get re-elected. With the seventeenth amendment he feels the way we are electing senators now they function to much like congressmen. With state legislatures appointing they were more beholden to their individual states. This kept a more even balance between states rights and federal dominance.

I don't like the term limits idea, I feel this is a restriction on freedom of speech. Repealing the 17th amendment might have merit and give the states a measure of power back.

By the way Huck says he doesn't really see himself running again but you never know.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

When do you celebrate

When I was a child we opened gifts on Christmas morning. This worked out good when I got married because my wife's family opened gifts on Christmas eve. Now my kids are older and it's getting harder to meet all at the same time. So now we celebrate Christmas on Christmas morning ,and eve and the weekend before and the weekend after.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Haiku #16 Christmas

Merry Christmas all
Feelings of good cheer
Joyous time of year

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Numbers are wonderful things. Reading the paper this morning a couple of numbers jumped out at me. 5 billion that is the amount of money that will be left on gift cards this year. This is based on 5-15 percent being left on gift cards on average.

Personally I pick up pennies off the street so I can't imagine leaving money unspent on gift cards.

The second set of numbers are 289-21-3 this the won lose record of Larry Kehres. Larry coaches at Mount Union a division III college football powerhouse. Mount Union is playing for the championship in the Amos Alonzo Stagg Bowl today at 11. That's 21 loses in 24 years, amazing.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Two stories in Sunday's Cleveland Plain Dealer the first on the House passing a spending bill. Five pages later there is a story about the deepening worry over the ever increasing National debt. In the national debt story they talk about the need to raise the statutory debt ceiling to keep money flowing. When we all know we need to drastically cut spending to reel in this debt. A bi partisan commission to find ways to cut the debt has been proposed. Congress is against this because it would usurp their powers to tax and spend. In effect their power to control us is in jeopardy and they are worried.

The spending bill story stated that this bill covered spending for half the federal government. The bill increases funding by ten percent for the agencies covered.

Does any one else find it as ludicrous as I that they worry about debt but increase spending.

Fixing things

When I was young and the muffler was falling off of my car I tied it back up with a coat hanger. As a homeowner I often find myself having to fix things around the house. Weather it is patching holes or re roofing, inside or out I do it myself.

When business comes up with a new product, Plasma T.V.s,or Hybrid cars they are slow to hit the market. The people who are willing to way over pay rush to get the latest and greatest. Often the bugs haven't been worked out and the product is inferior to that which will be produced years later. Businesses also must worry about the cost effectiveness of a product. That is unless it meets some agenda and is subsidized by the government, like Hybrid cars. When you see a hybrid realize that you helped purchase that through your taxes.

So now we're told that the climate needs repaired. I won't argue the point all though I'm not convinced. I will offer a few thoughts though on the on going debate of how to fix the climate.

First off we need to decide what we want to accomplish. What are we trying to change the climate to, what is the optimum temp.
Secondly how do we pay for it, a repair must be paid for. We have all seen in the past year how most individuals and our government manage money. Spending into foreclosure and debt that is growing out of control. We the people need to tell them no to spending on all fronts. The only fiscally responsible approach to climate repair is to wait for a cost effective approach.

In the mean time if people want effect climate change they should do it their selves. Spending other peoples money to fix a problem without a defined goal is unacceptable.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Much of what's happening in Copenhagen reminds of that old saying. There's something rotten in Denmark. At conference set up to combat pollution that leads to AGW we have world leaders producing more pollution via limos and private jets. We also have the EastAnglia e-mail scandal which has people openly questioning the science behind AGW. Time and again we are hearing how the rich countries (U.S.A.) must fork over billions of dollars to the poor countries to fix this problem.

Yes, something surely stinks in Denmark.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Barak Obama has to decided to take on Unemployment this week. Holding a conference to discuss the employment issue. The key theme to the conference was that the private sector really needs to lead on this issue.

I can't really argue with the idea that the private sector should lead because I believe in a limited government. Though it seems strange coming from Obama who chooses to insert government into private affairs frequently. My immediate reaction when I read Obama's comments was well get out of the way.

Not that it will happen but a lengthy congressional haiatus would be the best medicine for the economy and jobs. Businesses like certainty with pending legislation of the magnitude of Health care reform and Cap&Trade businesses are hunkering down.

So if President Obama wants the private sector to lead all he needs to do is stand up and be a leader. Lead by putting a hold on all new legislation that does not eliminate programs and reduce spending.

Sarah Palin

I haven't written about Sarah P{alin in the past. Reading the paper this morning got me to thinking maybe we are too quick to dismiss Palin as a viable national candidate.

Two questions from the Washington Post phone poll of those who lean Republican taken Nov. 19-23. The first question focused on issues and and the emphasis the Republicans put on them.

Too much Too little Right amount

Gun rights 16% 33% 50%

Same sex marriage 27% 32% 42%

Abortion 23% 34% 42%

Federal spending 11% 60% 28%

Taxes 11% 44% 44%

Illegal immigrants 9% 61% 29%

The second question was concerning Republican leaders and who represents the parties core values. Sarah Palin with 18% led the next closest leader by five points at 18%. I believe if she focuses on Federal spending she can have run away Republian support. More importantly she could sway independants taking this approach.