Saturday, July 9, 2022

Covid relief

 Biden was in Cleveland touting a section of the Covid relief package that was passed with no Republican support.The bill was loaded up with many non Covid programs including bailing out union pensions that were under funded. Biden's rally was held in front of supporters and many union members in danger of having benefits cut. The press was all over this on the evening news lauding Biden and the Democrats for helping working class Americans.

I was really ticked off, first off how is this covid relief, it's not it's just another case of government spending money we don't have  to buy votes. Secondly how can this be for working class Americans when most Americans no longer have traditional pensions. They want me and others like me whose only pension is what we save for to fund someone else's pension. Where does that end many states especially California and Illinois are severely under funded on their pension obligations are we to bail those out as well. Thirdly why is our press core not asking these questions. Last but not least we get to pay for the pensions twice once directly and once through the run away inflation that comes from spending money that isn't there.