Sunday, December 25, 2022

Merry Christmas

 Merry Christmas to my friends real or electronic it doesn't matter. I hope all that see this are blessed today and all next year.

Saturday, December 10, 2022

Other people's money

 Back when the country was founded we decided that the people should rule, it is our country not some king or noble classes. We are now 31 trillion dollars in debt and the people we elect believe it is more important to buy votes than to be fiscally responsible. Keep in mind that every time some new proposal comes out of Washington we can't afford what we are already doing. The Biden administration tried to buy some votes with student debt forgiveness, luckily the courts seem to have declared that unconstitutional. Now Joe and the Democrats are proposing spending 36 billion dollars to shore up under funded pensions for the Central States teamsters unions. Now I bear no animus toward these teamsters but it is not the job of the government to pay these pensions. If they are under funded through fraud or malfeasance have the DOJ go after the employers or the unions to have them make good. 

 We've heard for years how Social Security and Medicare ore going broke and that the prudent thing to do is to save so that we can eventually retire. If Biden wants to help retirees he ought to work at shoring up SS instead of trying buy a block of votes with somebody else's money.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Dividing people with half truths

  The local news was promoting equal pay day the day that women achieve equal pay with men. nine extra months that it takes women to earn what men did last year. There was twist though women as a whole achieve equal pay in March, this is referencing African American women. I don't dispute either date my problem is that it has absolutely nothing to do with being a woman African American. It has everything to do with the jobs that people choose. A couple of years ago flight attendants in Canada were threatening to strike unless they were paid the same as pilots. Of course pilots make more because it takes more skill to fly a plane than to serve drinks and seat people.     

 I would hope the TV news people would share this information when spouting there propaganda. Of course that might not allow them to make victims of people

Wednesday, August 24, 2022


 I feel like I'm playing a broken record. The so called party of the middle class is once again sticking it to the middle class. Why does Joe Biden believe I should pay for someone else's student loans. Paying taxes is bad enough when it is funding legitimate government responsibilities but it is truly obnoxious when they take money out of my pocket and put it directly into someone else's pocket. The real problem is backing student loans for classes that have no chance of creating an income that will be able to payoff the loans in a reasonable time frame.

So if Biden wants to push an executive order make it no loan backing out side of STEM studies. STEM studies almost always lead to jobs capable of paying off student loans. As for the dead beats that had no problem taking out a loan and letting it grow into arrears let their social security statement reflect their debt.

Sunday, August 7, 2022

Looking out for the middle class

 Got to love the Democrats they are always trying to help the middle class,not. Our caring Democrat friends working to pass their Inflation reduction act which will probably cause more inflation and also lets the poor and middle class help by electric cars for people with far more money than we have. The dems complain about excess profits of big business and help the auto makers to excess profit by subsidizing vehicles that aren't ready to be sold on their own merits. 

More legislation is passed for no other purpose than to con the people into voting for them. Hopefully people see through the lies and make them pay at the polls just as we are paying at the pump and grocery etc.etc etc.

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Covid relief

 Biden was in Cleveland touting a section of the Covid relief package that was passed with no Republican support.The bill was loaded up with many non Covid programs including bailing out union pensions that were under funded. Biden's rally was held in front of supporters and many union members in danger of having benefits cut. The press was all over this on the evening news lauding Biden and the Democrats for helping working class Americans.

I was really ticked off, first off how is this covid relief, it's not it's just another case of government spending money we don't have  to buy votes. Secondly how can this be for working class Americans when most Americans no longer have traditional pensions. They want me and others like me whose only pension is what we save for to fund someone else's pension. Where does that end many states especially California and Illinois are severely under funded on their pension obligations are we to bail those out as well. Thirdly why is our press core not asking these questions. Last but not least we get to pay for the pensions twice once directly and once through the run away inflation that comes from spending money that isn't there.



Sunday, May 29, 2022


 There is a rather large catalog of TV shows and movies to watch on Netflix and yet often I have a hard time settling on something to watch. Invariably the longer I look the more likely I am to pick a foreign film. In the past couple of months I have ended on French, Mexican, Russian,Brazilian, Spanish,and even a Polish movie. Most are dubbed to English almost beyond detection when dubbed some subtitle the original language.

Saturday night I noticed there were several titles with an actress from a movie a watched a couple of weeks ago Honeymoon with my  Mother, starring Carmen Machi . So I watched a Remarkable Tale and Tribe. Going by my limited knowledge of Spanish films I would have to say Machi is the queen of the screwball comedy in Spain.

Carmen Machi an actress worth looking for, she owns the screen no matter who she is standing beside.

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Amending the constitution

 A recent Politico article was arguing that we should make it much easier to amend the constitution. They cited the ERA equal rights amendment as an example of why it should be easier to amend. Their other point  was that Scalia thought it might be better if the amendment process was easier. I guess it depends on how you view the constitution, to me the constitution is more than the law,it is the rules on how our country is to operate. This is why it should be hard to amend the constitution everyone knows that there are consequences to changing the rules in the middle of the game. 

Look at the nonsense with the changing of the filibuster in the senate. Harry Reid changes it a little, so McConnell feels justified in changing it now we have Schumer wanting to basically wipe out the filibuster. All because they can't get their own way within the scope of the rules as they stand.

Everybody should just grow up, taking your ball and going home is not the answer.