Tuesday, April 11, 2023

What the left and the right both get wrong

   Driving home from work I was listening to talk radio. There was a guest host sitting in for Dennis Praeger I never heard more than his first name Mark.He had a whole bunch of callers extolling the virtues of Trump in 2024. What ever you think of Trump the reality is that he doesn't have snowballs chance in hell of winning. How can I be so sure it is quite simple math unlike polls doesn't lie. There are approximately 29% percent Republicans and 33% Democrats if Independents won't vote for your candidate they can not win. This is something both parties tend to forget. 

I get ardent supporters wanting to stick by their candidate but I've heard very few host that will call people on supporting someone totally unelectable. 

In 2016 we saw a tight race between two candidates that were totally reviled by 50% of the country.

Hopefully we get a completely new slate for 2024.

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