Saturday, December 12, 2015

Climate change pact

Many people are celebrating the agreement to reduce carbon emissions that was reached in Paris. The people that reached the accord generally are saying that the pact won't stop global warming. So basically people are celebrating an agreement that does nothing but siphon money out of wealthier economies. Now even taking the global warming alarmists at face value this celebrating seems absurd.

The truth is a funny thing enough people claim there is a disaster looming and pretty soon something that is hotly debated becomes consensus.

Climate science may be a real scientific discipline but I remember how many of these climatologist claimed throughout the 1970's that we were heading into a new ice age.

They say scientist I say charlatans who have found a cash cow in a grant process that reward those supposedly protecting us from certain doom but a truly only protecting us from having too much extra cash.


  1. I hear the goal is to slow global warming (not decrease, stop, or reverse it), so even the people for whom this is an important issue have low expectations.

    1. Low expectations but at what cost.

    2. I haven't seen specifics. There'll definitely be trade-offs. I'm thinking coal-centered communities won't like it, for example. Cleaner fuel sources will be good in the long term regardless of what happens in terms of global warming, though.