Sunday, October 7, 2018

Is it over

  Judge Kavanaugh is finally confirmed but is  it over. Some Democrats are vowing to reopen investigations if they take control after the mid terms. Lets hope not, maybe sanity can return the Supreme Court is not supposed to be political although both parties are pushing it that way. With Democrats leading the charge, first there was Bork, then there was Clarence Thomas not perfect choices but Attacked by the left for speculated beliefs on how they would vote not there qualifications. Harry Reed having a hard time pushing through judicial nominees really sent things into overdrive eliminating the filibuster. Once you start changing senate rules you take away all reason to compromise. I believe this was pivotal leading to the non vote on Garland. Why vote when a simple majority is all that is necessary to get your way. Protesting Kavanaugh and the shameless smear job that motivated the protests is not the way to rectify the situation. We need to press both parties to reinstate the normal rules of order in the senate and put at least a little decorum back into the senate. I believe this to be one of the keys to pushing politics back to the center.

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Reading the comics this morning, in particular Non Sequitur by Wiley in the comic the girl is complaining the men always think girls (women) need rescuing.

It really contrasts well with the uproar at Ohio State where one of the assistant football coaches was allegedly abusing his wife. The media is up in arms because Urban Meyer said he nothing about the abuse.

Seems like another case of people wanting things both ways. Women are strong and independent except they need rescuing by a football coach.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Who cares

The evening news just spent more than 5 minutes complaining that president Trump was going to save money on his taxes under the new tax plan. It's as if they want a plan specifically aimed at Trump and his businesses. It's enough to make one wonder if any of the journalists have half a brain. Of course any tax plan that reduces taxes will seem to  favor the wealthy, the wealthy pay the lion's share of the taxes.

This whole debate over taxes is frustrating because congress refuses to give up control of our money.They should be discussing the elimination of the income tax and the institution of a national sales tax. However I think that is just a pipe dream it would make it to hard to buy votes with loopholes and handouts.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

The Electoral College

The recent election results have brought out many cries for the elimination of the Electoral College. Many of these people calling for a purely popular vote claim it thwarts our Democracy from best representing the will of the people. Now these are generally college educated people sometimes even professors and Phds. It makes me wonder what we are teaching in our schools. We are not now nor have we ever been a democracy, the U.S.A. is a republic.

There can be grave consequences to pure democracy without a complete restructuring of our government and society. Many of the more populous states are teetering on the edge of bankruptcy California, Illinois, and New York have state pension plans in worse shape than social security. Will of the people is just a sure way of making sure those of us in fiscally more stable states will have to bail out the free spending states.

Pure democracy is a recipe for Bread and Circuses and collapse.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Who to vote for

This is the strangest presidential election season that I have ever witnessed. We've become so polarized as a country that the front runners Trump and Clinton both have no business near the white house. One being a bigoted fool and the other being a lying incompetent. The second candidates up from either party are equally odious. Cruz is so pigheaded that he would run the country over a cliff rather than allow for the slightest compromise. Sanders promises the masses bread and circus with absolutely no idea how to pay for his largess at the expense of somebody elses pocketbook.

After eight years of nearly total incompetence the best choice should be obvious. A man with vast legislative experience and working Ohio second term as governor of Ohio John Kasich. I don't agree with everything Kasich has done as governor but he is an honorable man who stands up for what he believes no matter the opposition. He also has shown that he doesn't believe he is above the law or constitution, when he tried to push a referendum through limiting public employee unions the voters narrowly defeated his referendum and he graciously accepted the result. No end runs no executive orders just the vote is the vote.

Sometimes flashy isn't the best choice choose the steady competent hand John Kasich.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Climate change pact

Many people are celebrating the agreement to reduce carbon emissions that was reached in Paris. The people that reached the accord generally are saying that the pact won't stop global warming. So basically people are celebrating an agreement that does nothing but siphon money out of wealthier economies. Now even taking the global warming alarmists at face value this celebrating seems absurd.

The truth is a funny thing enough people claim there is a disaster looming and pretty soon something that is hotly debated becomes consensus.

Climate science may be a real scientific discipline but I remember how many of these climatologist claimed throughout the 1970's that we were heading into a new ice age.

They say scientist I say charlatans who have found a cash cow in a grant process that reward those supposedly protecting us from certain doom but a truly only protecting us from having too much extra cash.