Saturday, July 27, 2013

President Obama

President Obama is normally spoken of a a smart guy even brilliant by some even if we disagree with his policies. I think this is why some of the goofballs  will say he is trying to destroy the economy or the U.S. because he is too smart to do it by accident. So a statement he made this week has me thinking, he accused the republicans of acting like deadbeats for not raising the debt ceiling without demanding spending cuts. Now either he doesn't understand what deadbeat is or he has a different definition then I do. A deadbeat is someone who has no intention of paying back a debt. Which is pretty much what continually raising the debt ceiling amounts to. So how can demanding cuts in spending be the act of a deadbeat?

I won't go so far as to say that president Obama is stupid but I think he says things without thinking sometimes.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

George Zimmerman

It's been a week since George Zimmerman was found not guilty.After thinking about the many things that have been said about the case here are some thoughts. First not guilty does not mean innocent Zimmerman will have to live with some of the decisions he made that night for the rest of his life.The big mistake people keep talking about is getting out of the car and following Treyvon after the police told him not to follow. It's kind of easy to condemn Zimmerman for disobeying the police unless you have ever reported a burglary. Normal police response is not like on T.V. we reported the theft of some items from my son's car when he lived at home so we have seen real police work. They basically told us that all they were doing was making a list for the insurance company this was when we pointed out that it was probably the kids who live three doors down. Unless it is a major crime they really don't investigate. So Zimmerman probably figured he could sit in the car and let his neighborhood be burglarized  again or he could do something about it. I'm not saying it wasn't a mistake I just understand his decision.

My second thought is about the people most culpable for the death of Treyvon his parents. I know this sounds cruel after all their son is dead and I'm sure they are grieving However what kind of parent let's their children wander the streets after dark remember this was not his usual neighborhood. Especially when they are suspended from school after being found with stolen jewelry in his backpack. Kids are going to get in trouble from time to time that's why parents are there to set curfews and guidelines to limit their exposure. Treyvon didn't deserve to die but he was no innocent little boy this was a kid that needed some very firm guidelines to straighten him out. It seems like his parents failed him on this issue. The school system didn't help Treyvon much either because at least two of the suspensions should have been handled by the police. The school opted to handle it themselves to make the school look better, calling the police reflects on your state rankings,can't have that. Handled correctly his last suspension probably would have landed him in Juvenal detention where not only would he be alive but maybe he could have learned about consequences before the consequences killed him.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


This past week there have been several news columns accusing Republicans of being afraid that the affordable health care act would succeed. The reasoning goes like this with the healthcare reform moving through implementation all the vitriol must be because people see it working and are afraid of voter backlash.

First off lets define some of what was being fixed in our health care system. I believe there were two issues driving the health care debate from the beginning one was the number of uninsured people and two was the cost. At the start of the debate it was said that there were approximately 40 million uninsured of course many were young and healthy and didn't really care one way or the other about having insurance. this 40 million represents about 13 percent of the population so while it seems like a large number it is a rather small percentage. The second part of the equation was expense and I don't think anyone would argue that health care was cheap or is cheap.

So where are we today there are still many people without insurance and many estimates say we will have millions of uninsured even after full implementation. I can't speak for everyone but every year since the initial passage of Obamacare my health insurance premiums have gone up and the coverage has gone down.So less affordable and still people that are uninsured. We aren't afraid of success we would welcome that because we can see that it is all ready a failure.