Sunday, October 31, 2010


For some unknown reason our community decided to have Trick or Treat on the 30th. So last night some friends of ours joined us in the front yard,we had a bonfire and passed out candy. A couple of things struck me as we sat by our fire. First off the number of kids was incredible we had more than 250 kids stop by the house. Secondly the predictions of many Avatar or political costumes was completely wrong in fact most reminded me my youth and the homemade get ups we wore. Thirdly the distances the kids came from was amazing we had kids from Brecksville to Avon Lake show up here in Columbia which is central to them each being 25-30 miles away. mostly though it was just good fun with friends and neighbors.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Somthing to think about

The other day on the news I saw Dennis Kucinich speaking on government and why he should be re-elected. Much of it was the usual political clap trap not really saying anything. There was one statement that got me thinking, He said the purpose of government is to do for people what they can't do for themselves. This immediately makes me think of roads or defense but it has come to mean much more than that in fact Kucinich's list included housing, health care, and food.

Now one of the beauties of our nation are found in the words of our founding fathers all men are created equal endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I think I can state that most people will agree whole heartedly with the above sentiment. Why then do people insist that things like Housing and food or even health care are the states responsibility. Being that all men are created equal and also agreeing that the state should take care of the things that people can't do on their own. Means that in the vast majority of cases people shouldn't be provided by the state with any of these things because we have example all across the nation of people providing for their selves in these areas. We are created equal and our opportunities should be equal this is the states responsibility. When the state decides to provide basics to people not only do they distort the budget they steal opportunities from people. People lose the opportunity to do for them selves stealing their chance to feel the satisfaction of achievement that is available to everyone who puts their mind to it.

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Much has been being made of the wealth disparity in America. There are 14 percent of the population living in poverty and 38 percent of the wealth is controlled by 1 percent of the population. While the poverty numbers are a bit disturbing I believe the wealth numbers are thrown out to drive a wedge between people especially rich and poor.

There is nothing nefarious about the increase in the concentration of wealth. in fact I would say that this is entirely natural and should have been expected. I say this because we are entering in to the time that we have been hearing for years would wreak havoc with social security. Yes the dreaded coming retirement of the Baby Boomers. Something we've all been overlooking is the natural progression that happens with time. In our twenties we all are poor just starting out we have many expenditures because we basically have nothing and need many basic necessities. It's also a time when student loans and new families bog down are budgets. However as time goes on into are thirties and forties we start to pay off loans and accumulate possessions. By the time we're in our fifties we don't have mass quantities of things to buy and money starts to be less of a worry. This massive section of the population the Baby Boomers is now exiting the work force after many years of prime earning of course this huge section of the population has pushed the ranks of the wealthy to new heights.

Instead of being distraught over this concentration of wealth we should be glad for those who have achieved the American dream of success. Seeing this as a sign that people still can reach these heights through hard work and perseverance.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pending legislation

I was sent an email today by my brother telling me to watch out for HR4646. HR4646 is a resolution implementing a 1% transaction fee when ever money changes hands. In effect it amounts to 1% percent minimum, direct deposit 1 percent, ATM 1 percent, buy something 1 percent. Of course the resolution does promise to end the income tax in 2017, of course I wouldn't put a whole lot of faith in a politicians promises. This is known as the debt free America act, I know it sounds kind of benign but beware.

The real way to be debt free is to stop spending money.