Saturday, June 22, 2013


This week on the Tom Sullivan show they were talking about food stamps the usual back and forth ensued. Until this woman called who was raising all kinds of sympathy for the food stamp program. She was a single mom with an autistic son struggling to meet all her and her sons needs.She had me up until the end of the conversation when she said she had quit her job and couldn't understand why her ex husband wouldn't just give her a couple of hundred dollars extra each month.

I don't know all the woman's circumstances but it raises all kinds of questions. Like when did we become a nation that expects everyone else to take care of us.Even questions about divorce have we made it too easy to walk away from responsibilities that should be shared.

In any case I believe we need to be careful about  government intervention that keeps families from turn together. Every program whether it is food stamps or cheep housing or easy divorce can be viewed as a safety net or a trap that allows us to make foolish decisions. Working without a net can lead people to lead a more cautious and maybe smarter life.